"Our customers no longer have to wait for our engineers to develop blueprints for each proposal and order"
— Leon Trammell, CEO and founder of TRAMCO Inc.

Web-Based Blueprint Creation Program

Technology enables manufactures to automate the design of complex, engineered-to-order products

On June 22, 2010, Engineering Design Automation, Inc. (EDA) launched iBlueprint, the World's First Web-Based Blueprint Creation Program. iBlueprint technology enables manufacturers of customizable products to direct their customers to interactive websites where the customer can design, review, and download unique engineering blueprints ready for production. Using EDA’s proprietary engineering design technology, iBlueprint saves time and money by streamlining the product drawing, ordering and production process.

iBlueprint provides a virtual order form

iBluprint radically changes the process in which custom products are designed and manufactured.

By creating a dynamic interface, product manufacturers can now give their customers the power to create individual blueprints in less time, with just a click of the mouse. With iBlueprint, our clients can remain competitive in today’s marketplace by reducing production costs, design errors and the engineering time spent on each order.

iBluePrint client profile

TRAMCO Inc., a global manufacturer of custom conveyor machinery systems

EDA developed the Design Center giving TRAMCO's customers added freedom to seamlessly design and order complex conveyor systems over the Internet. TRAMCO customers can now visit the interactive iBluePrint-powered Design Center, enter their conveyor requirements, select options and instantly download approval drawings.

TRAMCO’s iBlueprint system includes the following features:

  • Interactive engineering and design Web site for customers
  • Comprehensive quoting and proposal system for salesmen
  • Detailed drawing package for in house engineers
  • Automatic delivery of manufacturing drawings, flat patterns, complete list of materials and purchase parts
  • The iBlueprint technology can be applied to virtually any made-to-order product.

"With iBlueprint our customers instantly see the results of their inputs and our engineers can focus on special projects and unique equipment."

— Leon Trammell, CEO and founder of TRAMCO Inc.

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Find out how iBluePrint could work for you

"iBlueprint’s technology gives consumers the ability to build and tailor products to scale with the ease of the Internet."

— Madison Miner, CHIEF ENGINEER, EDA

From water tanks to the manufacturing of custom bicycles, EDA develops custom solutions for iBlueprint

Virtually any industry or product can benefit from an automated design delivery program. EDA can build you a system to meet the needs of your sales staff and increase ordering efficiencies for your clients.

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