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Windows-Based Automation Videos

Steel Tank Design Automation (5:23)

Custom tank design system combines Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD, allowing the user to select steel tank dimensions and accessories, then create a customized quotation letter, SolidWorks models & assemblies, flat pattern files, AutoCAD drawing and more in just a few minutes.

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Oven Design Automation (4:30)

Take a quick tour of EDA's Rapid Product Configurator software, which allows users to design products and create documents for manufacturing with accuracy and speed. A click of a button begins design calculations that are sent to SolidWorks, creating 3D oven models, DXF files, SAT files, and 2D assembly drawings. Also covers AutoCAD customization.

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EDA Solutions for Salvagnini Customers (4:32)

Same as the Oven Design video above, but with special highlights for owners of Salvagnini sheet metal machines. See how EDA's design systems can complement Salvagnini equipment and accelerate your return on investment.

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Table Top Conveyor Design Automation (4:57)

Learn about how EDA's customizable Rapid Product Configurator  helps manufacturers of custom equipment reduce design time and respond to their customers faster. Quotes, 3D models, drawings, and more can be produced within minutes.

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Client Project Videos Project (1:38)

Custom part orders are taken online, then processed by EDA custom software, generating models, drawings, DXF and PDF files.

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Web-Based Automation Videos

Web-Based Conveyor Design Automation (6:04)

Web-based estimating and engineering design allows sales staff worldwide to create instant quotations on custom chain and belt conveyor orders, then download layout drawings, price reports, 3D models, and more.

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Web-Based Design for Solid Edge (3:14)

Drive your Solid Edge assemblies from Web input. EDA demo shows an automated enclosure design system that lets users design custom enclosures from the web, and create 3D models & 2D drawings created by design automation software.

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Automation for Solid Edge

EDA Revision Maker For Solid Edge (2:25)

Basic configurator for Solid Edge. Automation program allows users to copy, rename, and configure Solid Edge assemblies, drawings and parts. Free 30 day evaluation program available here.

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Part List Updater for Solid Edge & Excel (1:59)

Custom program for Solid Edge exports parts list data from Solid Edge to Excel, lets users edit list, then imports changes from Excel to Solid Edge, moves and re-links files.

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