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SolidWorks Automation

Customize your SolidWorks Environment

EDA, Inc. provides customization services for SolidWorks 3D CAD software to improve the productivity of your CAD environment. EDA's software plugins provide enhancements that extend far beyond basic macros: for example, automated sheet metal software that can create machine-ready DXF or SAT files from any SolidWorks part or even an entire SolidWorks assembly.

System Integration

EDA has completed many projects that integrate SolidWorks with other software to create custom automated systems.  One popular solution is combining the widely used spreadsheet software Microsoft Excel with SolidWorks to create a powerful automated engineering design system that generates models, drawings and flat patterns in minutes.

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Locker Design Demo

Design a locker of any size and color, select options. Program generates 3D models, Bill of Materials, purchase parts list and drawing for download.

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Desk Design Demo

Design virtually any size desk, select a finish and options. Program generates 3D models and 2D drawing for download.

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3D Electrical Enclosure Demo

Web-based design program allows you to configure an electric enclosure online and download 3D models & 2D drawings of your design minutes later.

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Custom Tank Design Demo

Design a custom tank by selecting size, capacity and options. Tank program generates 3D models, Bill of Materials, and 2D drawing for download.

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Live Solid Edge® Automation Demo

3D Enclosure Demo

EDA developed this software tool to allow even users with no Solid Edge experience to create a customized electrical enclosure with cut outs.

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Live & Online: SolidWorks Automation on the Web

Many companies now have websites that allow their customers to configure and order their products online. But what if your customers could not only design the product on your website, but also add or remove options and see the finished product in 3D before they ordered?

EDA's web-based technology not only allows your engineers to rapidly design your products, but allows anyone with an Internet connection to easily create custom designs. Perfect for online catalogs that allow the customer to custom-order a piece of equipment and download an interactive 3D model before the purchase.

EDA can set up online catalogs, develop 3D models and assemblies, and provide the software to generate custom products online for nearly any manufactured product.

Output from a SolidWorks automation system can drive various business functions that streamline Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing and Processing. Output files may include:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Purchase lists
  • Cost Report
  • Machine files
  • Flat pattern files
  • Proposal drawings
  • Construction drawings
  • Various other documents

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