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Automation for Solid Edge

Customize your Solid Edge Environment

  • Eliminate repetitive drafting tasks
  • Improve your Solid Edge productivity
  • Auto-generate drawings, DXF, or SAT files
  • Batch process Solid Edge files
  • Use a website to configure and design Solid Edge assemblies

Web Based Design

  • Configure & Design Models Online
  • Receive 3D models or 2D drawings via email
  • No Solid Edge experience required
  • Great for sales engineers and customers
  • Explore "what-if" product scenarios

Design Configurator for Solid Edge

  • Drive designs from existing engineering Excel programs
  • Exchange data with MRP/ERP systems
  • Integrate Solid Edge with sales/ engineering databases
  • Send Solid Edge files directly to manufacturing programs
  • Eliminate manual re-typing of data

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Live Solid Edge Automation Demo

3D Enclosure Configurator Demo

EDA developed this Solid Edge configurator to allow even users with no Solid Edge experience to create a customized electrical enclosure with cut outs.

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Automation for Solid Edge Videos

Solid Edge: Revision Manager Controller (5:37)

Learn about how EDA's add-in for Solid Edge allows users to move, copy, and rename Solid Edge files without breaking any links between files... 

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EDA Revision Maker For Solid Edge (2:25)

Configurator for Solid Edge. Automation program allows users to copy, rename, and configure Solid Edge assemblies, drawings and parts. Free 30 day evaluation program available at below.

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EDA Solid Edge Services

  • Edge Design Configurator Implementation
  • API programming of Custom applications
  • Design automation
  • Web application progamming
  • Software/hardware integration
  • Solid Edge customization

EDA is a Siemens Solution Partner for Solid Edge

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