Design Faster.
Harness your existing Excel spreadsheets,
cut design time for custom products, & quickly generate models & drawings in Solid Edge.

The Edge Design Configurator

Reduce your design time

Do you have repetitive design tasks you want to automate? Solid Edge® models that you’d like to be able to configure automatically? A product design spreadsheet that you wish could somehow transform into Solid Edge models & drawings? The Edge Design Configurator is an extremely powerful, flexible Excel-based configurator for Solid Edge that provides a powerful link between Excel and Solid Edge.

The Edge Design Configurator is integrated into your existing Excel design spreadsheets and is accessed from a custom menu in Excel.
No programming skills are required to automate the production of custom models, assemblies, draft files, and other documents required for manufacturing.

How does it work?

Edge Design Configurator for Solid Edge

Get an Edge over the Competition

In tough economic times, companies who don’t automate do so at their own peril. The Edge Design Configurator is one step in continuously improving your design and engineering processes.

EDA clients in many custom manufacturing industries have gained a critical edge by automating their designs, taking their configurators online, and generating their drawings and models automatically.

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What can you do with the Edge Design Configurator?

This quick presentation (on left) shows how the configurator can:

  • Change your Solid Edge parts/assemblies
  • Delete features from parts & sheet metal parts
  • Delete parts from assemblies
  • Create new drawings
  • Control properties of parts, assemblies & drawings
  • Generate DXF, SAT files, & other files required for manufacturing
  • Layer control in draft or DXF files
  • Scale, move, delete drawing views
  • Create PDF files for customer drawings, shipping documents, etc.
  • EDA can develop new functions per your individual requirements...
    see below!

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Designed for Engineers, Not Programmers

An Excel-based configurator

EDA knows that most manufacturers already have Excel-based design programs they use for estimating, engineering calculations, and reports. But generating 3D models and 2D drawings from that data is still one of the biggest bottlenecks in processing orders rapidly and accurately.

The Edge Design Configurator is easy to set up and allows engineers, not programmers, to manipulate their Solid Edge models & drawings using regular Excel formulas, logic, named cells, etc. Configurator commands are controlled by simple TRUE/FALSE statements, and dimension values can be found using Excel table lookups.

A scalable solution

Looking to scale your project up? EDA can take it from a couple seats in engineering to your entire customer base via the Internet. Custom programming can unite your design automation project with both sales and manufacturing:

  • Integrate the configurator with your website for Web-based design. (Check out our demo!)
  • Post processing of files generated by the configurator
  • Import configuration or job data into databases or MRP systems
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Design automation to meet your goals

The Edge Design Configurator is supported by EDA, an experienced software developer with over 20 years of experience working on automation projects with engineers & designers. EDA is committed to developing any additional API calls you may need to customize Solid Edge or tackle other aspects of the design process. EDA is a proud Siemens PLM Solution Partner for Solid Edge.

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“EDA…The company to help you accomplish your automation goals.”

— Brandon Stock, Business Development
Stock Manufacturing & Design
d.b.a The Shim Shack

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