"Before EDA we had a bottleneck in engineering . . . the drawings for each job were taking about two weeks. Now we can produce detailed, custom drawings in about 30 minutes!"

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What we do

Increase Productivity through Design Automation

Engineering Design Automation, Inc. (EDA) builds custom automated engineering systems that allow manufacturers to configure and design their Engineered-to-Order (ETO) products more quickly and accurately.

Streamline Sales, Engineering, & Manufacturing

Web-based automation solutions are available for companies interested in online quotation systems. EDA also offers software integration to combine design automation for AutoCAD, Solid Edge, or SolidWorks with your existing ERP/MRP programs. Engineering automation systems designed by EDA can produce estimates, proposals, drawings and reports, 3D models, flat patterns, bills of material, purchase lists, and other documents in minutes instead of hours or days.

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Let EDA give your company...

  • Faster customer response time
  • Increased competitiveness in tight marketplaces
  • More consistent drawings
  • Elimination of repetitive engineering, drafting and quoting tasks
  • Reduced mistakes
  • Standardized designs
  • Accurate quotations
  • A repository for design knowledge

With over 20 years of experience working with manufacturers, EDA has the knowledge and expertise to proactively plan, design, and execute the automated system that best suits your requirements. We provide high quality services from the project planning stage through implementation and training and support phases. See why our clients describe us as "The company to help you accomplish your automation goals."

Services we offer


SolidWorks Automation

EDA's custom plugin applications provide productivity enhancements that extend far beyond basic macros.

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AutoCAD Automation

Ever wish your CAD platform had a magic button that made the CAD system do what you wanted it to do? We make that button!

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Custom Programming

Each manufacturer has unique requirements to automate their sales, marketing, engineering, and customer support.

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Automation for Solid Edge

EDA's Automation programs increase the productivity of Solid Edge® users.

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Website Development

EDA enables manufacturers to direct their customers to interactive websites where the customer can design custom products.

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Engineering Automation

EDA's progam library can be used to make almost any engineering or sales related task faster, easier and more consistent.

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EDA Employs SolidWorks Professionals

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EDA is a Siemens Solution Partner

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Web-Based Blueprint Creation Program

Technology enables manufactures to automate the design of complex, engineered-to-order products

On June 22, 2010, Engineering Design Automation, Inc. (EDA) launched iBlueprint, the World's First Web-Based Blueprint Creation Program. iBlueprint technology enables manufacturers of customizable products to direct their customers to interactive websites where the customer can design, review, and download unique engineering blueprints ready for production. Using EDA’s proprietary engineering design technology, iBlueprint saves time and money by streamlining the product drawing, ordering and production process.

iBluprint provides a virtual order form

iBluprint radically changes the process by which custom products are designed and manufactured.

By creating a dynamic interface, product manufacturers can now give their customers the power to create individual blueprints in less time, with just a click of the mouse. With iBlueprint, our clients can remain competitive in today’s marketplace by reducing production costs, design errors and the engineering time spent on each order.
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EDA Videos

These videos give you a peek into some of the automated systems built by EDA. See how an integrated software solution can create sales quotations, drawings, models, and sheet metal flat patterns in minutes. Learn how EDA cuts design time and gives manufacturers an edge over their competitors.

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Online Demos

Try our Web-based design and engineering automation technology for yourself! EDA has both SolidWorks and AutoCAD automation demos live and online now. Online demos give you the ability to configure custom products on the Web and download real 3D models & 2D drawings of your design minutes later.

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