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Overview of AutoCAD Offerings

EDA offers .NET programming, Script programming, menu design, Visual Basic (VBA) integration and integration with MS Excel to make your AutoCAD experience more productive. Both design and drafting processes can be automated to create custom engineered AutoCAD drawings in seconds. Watch our conveyor video to see how quickly and easily a complex AutoCAD drawing can be created.

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EDA can develop a number of tools to make your drafting tasks more efficient, including customization of the AutoCAD interface, toolbars and buttons, special menus and custom applications that work inside AutoCAD. Try our online Flange Demo below to see how EDA's parametric design software allows you to create custom AutoCAD flange drawings in the blink of an eye.

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AutoCAD Project Migration

VBA is still unofficially supported in AutoCAD 2011 although it must be installed manually; however, it's worthwhile to note that the 64 bit version of AutoCAD will run VBA programs extremely slowly. AutoDesk has not yet made an official announcement, but it's widely expected that AutoCAD 2012 will not support VBA programs at all.

AutoDesk has not yet made an official announcement, but it's widely expected that future versions of AutoCAD will not support VBA programs at all. It's also worthwhile to note that the current 64 bit version of AutoCAD will run VBA programs extremely slowly.

EDA has been using .NET technology intensively since it was first released in 2002 and has successfully converted many VBA AutoCAD automation projects to .NET. Contact us today to find out how EDA can help your company smoothly transition your custom programs and minimize any lost productivity before you upgrade your operating systems or AutoCAD software.

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Web-Based AutoCAD Automation Video

Web-based quotation and engineering design allows sales staff worldwide to create instant quotations on custom conveyor orders, then download layout drawings, price reports, 3D models, and more.

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Customization of AutoCAD

Customizing AutoCAD allows users, regardless of their experience level, to be much more productive.  By applying company engineering standards accurately, automated drawing programs like the ones developed by EDA can create entire drawings by simply entering product specifications, thus allowing even sales staff with no AutoCAD experience to make drawings rapidly and accurately.  Click on the image on the left to try it for yourself!

EDA can also integrate AutoCAD with existing engineering calculation programs, or develop Excel-based or Web-based engineering programs that can generate fully engineered drawings. Results of these engineering calculations can be used to derive Bill of Materials data which can be imported into AutoCAD and displayed in the BOM of the manufacturing drawing.

EDA's Web-based technology allows not only your engineers to rapidly design your products, but allows anyone with an Internet connection to easily create custom designs. Perfect for online catalogs where the customer can custom-order a piece of equipment and see a 2D drawing before submitting the order.

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